Never before has the predatory sect received more support than from the current U.S. President Clinton as Scientology Lobbyist

Berlin , Germany

February 12, 2000

Hamburger Morgenpost Online

Berlin – Scientology’s dubious business is apparently supported by U.S. President Bill Clinton and the State Department in Washington .

That was asserted on Friday in Berlin by renowned Scientology expert, Professor Steven Kent, in a meeting with sect experts at the invitation of the SPD faction. In doing so the Canadian received support from Ursula Caberta, the Hamburg Scientology Commissioner.

Kent indicated that the so-called “church” also ran into strong resistance in the USA at first. Things changed suddenly in 1993 under Clinton . Since that time, the Scientology lobby has received full support for its worldwide activities from the White House.

At the same time actor John Travolta and jazz pianist Chick Corea appeared as most prominent lobbyists. At a get-together Clinton publicly promised Travolta his support in the spread of sect founder L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings, even in Germany . Caberta is well aware of the results of that promise.

After the Hamburg administration took the usual precautions with respect to availability of parking places and use of the building which the Scientologists have recently bought on Dom Street for 20 million marks, a representative from the U.S. Consul General paid the Interior Agency a call and complained about the restrictions.

To the question of on whose behalf the consulate was acting, the name of the Hamburg Scientology chief was mentioned – a German woman for whom the U.S. representative is not at all responsible.

Scientology expert Kent now hopes that Al Gore will become the next U.S. President. Gore’s wife is a psychologist – nothing is more feared by the Scientologists.