Scientology has penitential camps, too


Scientology has penitential camps, too

Berlin , Germany

October 27, 2000

Saarbruecker Zeitung

Berlin (epd). Sect experts in Berlin have indicated there are serious human rights violations occurring in Scientology’s penitential camps in Denmark , Great Britain and the USA . The occasion was the presentation of a booklet on the subject of brainwashing in Scientology’s “Rehabilitation Project Force” which was distributed by the Interior Agency of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. These camps are the darkest, most terrible side of the organization, said Hamburg Scientology expert Ursula Caberta.

According to statements by Canadian sociologist Stephen Kent, who authored the 70-page volume, children and even pregnant women were incarcerated in the camps for up to a year. For his scientific study, he questioned more than 30 former inmates of the camps and he gave evidence that brainwashing was being conducted there.

Kent said inmates were not permitted to leave the camps, were both physically and mentally abused and sometimes had to perform heavy labor with inadequate nourishment.

Stacey Brooks, who presented herself as a former Scientologist, stated that there are currently several hundred people being kept in such camps in the USA and in Europe.