Children of God

About Prof. Stephen Kent's Interview with Maggie Cooper of CBS News' Public Eye in May 1998.

Alternative Religions

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Summary of Talk at the 2000 FAIR (Family Action Information & Resource) Annual Lecture: "Alternative Religions and Child Sexual Abuse".

About John de Ruiter
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Dr. Kent's response to the distribution of The Globe and Mail that included Scientology's Freedom publication which contains defamatory statements about him - published in The Globe and Mail on October 16, 1998 (in German)

A local newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta apologizes to Dr. Kent for distributing Scientology's Freedom publication, which contains defamatory statements about him.
July 10, 1998

Press Conference: Studie über Gehirnwäsche in den Straflagern der Scientology-Organisation (RPF Article)

Interview with Prof. Stephen Kent on ABC Radio National, February 5, 1997 - "The Religion Report: Religion, the Media & Controversy".

December 1, 1997
Radio Interview on the Dennis Prager radio show KABC (Los Angeles) between the Church of Scientology International's President, Heber Jentzsch, and Dr Stephen A. Kent.

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Three Appearances on the Biography Channel’s "Escaping Evil: My Life In A Cult". (Broadcast on March 10, 17, and 24, 2013.)